06 Feb 2015


Supernova boasts a lineup of all over-180 cm members, which, along with their irresistible looks, singing, dancing and performance skills, makes quite the package. Their highly-anticipated new single, Kitto, is scheduled for release on March 4th, so look for them to be very active in Japan too! We asked Supernova what they like about Onitsuka Tiger.
Tell us about your outfits today.

(Yoonhak) The design is really nice and fresh. I especially like the shoes. I love the leopard pattern and military look, so I was lucky to be the one to get to wear them for today’s shoot (smiles).

(Kwangsoo) I really thought each outfit had its own unique look. There are some nice stylish points that should go over well with young people. I was happy to have a chance to wear mine!

Do you have any tips for wearing sneakers in a cool way?

(Geonil) When I think about what I’m going to wear, I always think about the shoes first. I think it’s good to choose an outfit that can be coordinated with the shoes as the focal point. All of the shoes today are nice, but the ones I’m wearing would go well with something simple.

(Sungmo) It’s also important to match them with the right socks. For the sneakers I wore, the back view was a key point. It gave them a very cool accent.

・Do you have anything that you’re especially into at the moment?

(Yoonhak) Recently I’ve been into socks and big hats like Fedoras. Matching the right hat with what you’re wearing can really make the outfit.

(Jihyuk) Gladiator sneakers! I have a lot of gladiator sandals, but I was having trouble finding the sneakers, so I thought I’d get these (smiles). For this shoot, they were definitely the thing I was into most.

What kind of image does Onitsuka Tiger have for you?

(Geonil)They have a strong presence in Korea for shoes. I like them too, I have several pairs. When I came to Japan before and saw them, I thought they were really hot.”

When visiting Japan, do you have any must-see spots or must-do activities?

(Kwangsoo) If I get some time off during a Japan tour, I like to go to golf courses. I go at least once every time I’m here.

(Jihyuk) I go to Daikanyama a lot. There are a lot of nice shops and good restaurants. I also go to vintage clothing stores. I love mixing vintage clothing with new stuff.

Tell us what to listen for on your upcoming new single scheduled for release on March 4th, Kitto.

(Yoonhak) Kitto is a cheerful song about being positive and keeping motivated. It’s going to be released in March, which is graduation season, so it’s perfect for Springtime with its positive theme. When making the choreography, we had it in mind that we want everyone to dance along with us, so definitely check it out!

(Geonil) Yoonhak said all the good things (laughs). Kitto has a rap section written by me and Kwangsoo, so I hope everyone takes notice of the melody line and lyrics in it. And the dancing was put together by Rino Nakasone Razalan, so it’s a really nice final product.

And lastly, how about a message for people who read Onitsuka Tiger Magazine!

(Jihyuk) I’m really happy we were able to work with Onitsuka Tiger! When wearing the shoes myself, I became an even bigger fan. Don’t forget to check out Kitto!

(Sungmo) I’m honored to be featured in Onitsuka Tiger Magazine.

(Yoonhak) It was really fun to have a chance to wear such nice things.

(Kwangsoo) It was a really fun shoot. There were so many nice fashion items, so I think each member was able to accentuate their good points. Please be sure to listen to our new single Kitto, along with YOU.

(Geonil) I was really glad to wear such nice things. I’m looking forward to seeing what Onitsuka Tiger comes out with next, so I hope everyone supports you. And also, please support Supernova!”


“A six-man boy band.
Making their Japan debut with Kimi Dake wo Zutto in September 2009, Supernova is currently busy sharing their skills with fans in both Korea and Japan.
Supernova outclasses all the rest; compared with other Korean artists, they have great Japanese skills and are very warm and personable, making their popularity in Japan skyrocket. With each member busy doing other work as well, appearing in dramas, musicals, variety shows and MCing, this versatile group is active on a variety of fronts.