Kanichiro look.2 13 Nov 2023

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2

He arrived at a decision after hitting a wall and pondering over his future

In the NHK historical drama “The 13 Lords of the Shogun,” actor Kanichiro-san plays the role of Kogyo who assassinates Minamoto No Sanetomo. His bold performance left an impression on many viewers. The road to building his career was fraught with battles with himself. He spoke candidly to me about his relationship with his father…

Kanichiro look.1 23 Oct 2023

23 Oct 2023

Kanichiro look.1

"Through trial and error, I found what suits me assiduously one item at a time"

Kanichiro is an up-and-coming actor who has appeared in numerous TV dramas and film, as well as on the stage. He has only recently gotten a grasp of who he is and what he wants to show. This has also affected his sense of fashion. The Onitsuka Tiger 2023 Autumn/Winter look that he dons for…

Nanoka Hara look.2 17 Sep 2023

17 Sep 2023

Nanoka Hara look.2

What a real buy is for her, and what she would like to do now that she is 20 years old

Nanoka Hara is a young actress who appears in popular TV dramas and commercials and girl’s magazines. Most recently, you can see her in the film “Don’t Call it Mystery” released on September 15. In private, she is a twenty year old girl who prefers toned-down attire and enjoys dress-up to her heart’s content. For…

Nanoka Hara look.1 15 Aug 2023

15 Aug 2023

Nanoka Hara look.1

Onitsuka Tiger draws out a "new me"

Nanoka Hara will appear in the film “Don’t Call it Mystery” due out for Fall, and has appeared in TV dramas, commercials, and numerous girl’s magazines. She is a popular young actor and the focus of attention in many recent TV dramas and film. While she is cute and exudes a fresh mood, she captures…

Taisei Kido look.2 23 Jul 2023

23 Jul 2023

Taisei Kido look.2

No two roles are alike. This is what makes the act intriguing and worthwhile.

The actor Taisei Kido garnered attention with his performance in the Netflix Original Series “First Love.” Many fans binge-watched one episode after another, drawn in to this story about the delicate circumstances of Harumichi’s youth and his mindset which changes over time. A film in which he plays the lead role is now playing in…

Taisei Kido look.1 23 Jun 2023

23 Jun 2023

Taisei Kido look.1

The garb allows him to express his mood plainly, whether it is himself or the role he is playing

Ever since his acting debut at the age of twenty, Taisei Kido has been active in film, TV dramas, and stage. He displayed his stage presence in the 2022 Netflix original series “First Love” which gave him a broader worldwide audience. What perhaps cannot be guessed from his on-screen portrayals is that he is actually…

Nagisa Sekimizu look.2 12 May 2023

12 May 2023

Nagisa Sekimizu look.2

After diligently applying herself to the act, taking a breather in refreshing spring fashion!

Nagisa Sekimizu started acting after graduating from senior high school. She is bright and outgoing, is passionate about the work and gutsy in her act. I asked her about her work as an actor, her outlook on the future, and her recent interests. In the TV drama “#who am I” she plays the protagonist Akane…

Nagisa Sekimizu look.1 12 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023

Nagisa Sekimizu look.1

Kanagawa Prefecture where she spent her youth and the cinema where she enjoys watching film and honing her art

Nagisa Sekimizu drew particular attention with her TV commercial work for Aquarius and her praiseworthy performance in the TV drama period piece “What Would You Do, Ieyasu?” She has a natural smile and a refreshing allure about her. For this photo shoot, she wears a chic and sporty look. The photos were shot in a…

Riko Fukumoto look.2 12 Mar 2023

12 Mar 2023

Riko Fukumoto look.2

Her love for dress-up is her parents influence: She goes to the gym so she can wear her dress-up well

Riko Fukumoto is an actor who has appeared in a number of popular shows and has been well received for her acting prowess. "I go to work in my own garb. I love my garb as I can use it to motivate myself." She claims that fashion is an important element in taking on acting…

Riko Fukumoto look.1 20 Feb 2023

20 Feb 2023

Riko Fukumoto look.1

The Importance of Casual Everyday Life: Playing a Role Enriches My Life

Riko Fukumoto debuted as an actor after winning the Grand Prix at the “8th Toho Cinderella Auditions” in 2016, and has since worked on a wide range of film gigs, TV dramas, and stage plays. I am inspired whenever I see her perform. This is perhaps because Fukamoto-san pours her heart into the act. For…

Ryubi Miyase look.2 17 Jan 2023

17 Jan 2023

Ryubi Miyase look.2

Pomp and agility as a performer: His true feelings about the craft

Ryubi Miyase says he is mad about the act. The offers continue piling up to do TV shows, dramas, and magazine interviews. In the midst of a busy work schedule, how does he spend his down time? What are his hobbies and likes, and how does he see his future? I asked him what he…

Ryubi Miyase look.1 13 Dec 2022

13 Dec 2022

Ryubi Miyase look.1

The family and hometown backing this popular young actor at 18 and his take on fashion

Ryubi Miyase is drawing attention with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, appearing in many popular TV shows, and serves as the youngest presenter on the history of the infotainment TV program Mezamashi Terebi. He entered the world of show in his teens, and he is someone who lifts the mood of others on a TV…

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