30 Sep 2020

Kenshi Okada look.1

Intelligence hidden under a rough style: A rising young actor who has appeared in several hit TV shows

The up-and-coming actor, Kenshi Okada, made his debut in the TV drama “Chugakusei Nikki.” The camera lens directed at this 21 year old has captured a diversity of looks: a coolness residing in penetrating eyes, and a softness that can be glimpsed when you least expect it. He is always shining and brimming with fresh energy. His job, lifestyle, and future outlook as an actor will be discussed in two articles.

An artist’s youthful aesthetics
and minimalist fashion

Beneath this refreshing face is a distinct and peculiar identity. We asked him about his impressions on show business two years into his career as an actor and artist. “There is a commonality between a film set where I act and a fashion shoot like today’s, which I always try to be conscious of. This is to have a strong spirit that, ‘I will accomplish my task!’ Rather than thinking about how I want to be perceived, I think about what quality or disposition is required of me, and I try to get a feel for the atmosphere on set. Whatever it is, I engage in the situation by changing my perspective slightly. The setting for this photo shoot was a futuristic and cool venue. While picking up on the atmosphere of a modern museum, I tried to bring out a world view that is distinctly mine.”

Being dynamic and expressive are key to a shoot. Explore what is required of you through proactive communication with the photographer, and show different sides of yourself according to your own interpretations. We asked him if he can give us some pointers on how to express yourself. “This can be pinning down a role for a play, or your options will be limited if there is a rough goal or route. But in a photo shoot like today’s, I don’t have an image of who the character is supposed to be (laughing). This was little difficult for me, so I tried to move my body while mainly thinking about how to make the shoot creative and cool.”

“I was really glad when I was offered to do a photo shoot for Onitsuka Tiger. The shoes I wore for look.1 have caterpillar soles with a thick feeling. They are like tanks and are very cool to wear. The men’s design is perfect! They look heavy, but are actually lightweight. They are easy to wear and fit to Japanese feet. I also wore newly-produced Onitsuka Tiger clothes and was surprised by the variety. My image of Onitsuka Tiger until now was sneakers, but I liked all of their sophisticated clothing designs. The brand’s appeal pulled me in even more. However, the outfit I wore is from their Fall/Winter collection, so it was a little hot for the rainy season (laughs)! I like to wear fairly simple things everyday. I don’t often choose clothes with prints or patterns or bright colors, so the styling for today’s photo shoot was new to me. I would like to use primary colors as an accent for coordinating my outfit, although it seems a little difficult. I don’t think I look good in clothes with a lot of patterns so my goal is to be able to wear simple, cool-looking clothes.”

→ Our interview in look.2 to be released in August will focus on Kenshi Okada’s lifestyle including how he spends his private time.


DIRECTION : Shinsuke Nozaka
PHOTO : Masato Moriyama (TRIVAL)
STYLIST : Lambda Takahashi
TEXT : Yuko Aoki

kenshi okada


Kenshi Okada

Born May 12, 1999 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Blood type: O.
Debuted as an actor in the TV drama “Sacred Junior High School Diary” in October 2018.
Plays the leading role in the TV drama “Oedo Mononoke Monogatari” (NHK-BS Premium, Fridays 20:00-) now on air, and the role of Yohito Kokonoe in the TV drama “MIU404” (TBS, Fridays 22:00-).

In the future, he will appear in the films “Nozomi,” “Doctor Death no Isan: Black File,” and “Shinkaishaku Sangokushi” to be released in succession.

He is also scheduled to appear as Heikuro Odaka in the NHK’s long-running TV series “Seiten-o-Tsuke.”