09 Dec 2015

GENKING look.1

The transgender model that made his big break in 2015!
An interview with GENKING.

Called the “mysterious beautiful boy, “GENKING, the transgender model, suddenly burst onto the scene out of nowhere. Transcending gender with a meticulously crafted look and unparalleled fashion sense, he started out in the fashion world, and now is all over the media. We had a tasteful talk with him about all kinds of things.


   Looking back on the shoot, how did you feel about Onitsuka Tiger?

A lot of it just seemed like the normal stuff, but there were some really fresh items I thought were really nice. I saw some nice designs, and the material seemed unique too. The pants were comfortable, with nice soft material. I’m pretty black and white, so….

   What do you usually wear?

On days when I dress like a man, some kind of street style, and on feminine days, something more girly is fun to wear. People often say I’m transgender, but for me it’s a fashion thing; I want to make my mark as a fashion icon wearing both.


   So, your thing is to kind of just have fun wearing both men’s and ladies’ clothes, right?

Like with the words unisex and genderless, I want my style to be similar, something that isn’t boxed in by anything gender-specific, it makes dressing more fun. Like recently, lots of women are wearing menswear, it looks nice! Some items make people say, “Is that your boyfriend’s? He must be really stylish,” they really catch the eye.

   Are there any Spring items you’re interested in?

Like with this year’s autumn/winter clothes, I think long sleeves and long length things look good. I want to get a long t-shirt that’s about a 4XL. I want to wear something with big long sleeves that hide my hands. I’m always attracted to loose clothing like that.

Also, I love skinny pants, which are my main look. Regardless of what’s in at the moment, I wear skinny pants, leggings and tight bottoms. But for tops, I like the relaxed, oversized look.


   Does the GENKING persona have any particular shopping style?

I go shopping about six days a week (smiles), but in particular I like buying things with different colors, different sizes. Especially for shoes, they get dirty easily, so I’m always buying more shoes. But I don’t really get expensive stuff, I like fast fashion. I used to go shopping in Shibuya a lot. I guess you could say that’s where I grew up (laughs). So places like Shinjuku scare me (smiles). I feel like I’m always having to look over my shoulder (laughs).

   So, would you say you go through different trend cycles often?

Yes, I do. For me, my interest in a fashion is like when a guy falls in love with a girl. It’s the thrill of the chase; I go nuts until I buy what I want, but then as soon as I get it, I lose interest (laughs).


   (laughs)  So GENKING, you’re really big on Instagram, so do you have a favorite selfie pose?

I like the “huge ridiculous smile” thing. At first I was trying to look cute, but there wasn’t enough impact (laughs). Lately I’m trying to look natural, like I’m not even aware the picture is about to be taken.


Next month in Look.2, we’ll be adding more with GENKING’s private stuff and lifestyle!


GENKING used the moniker of “the mysterious beautiful boy” on Instagram, the popular photo/video sharing social networking site with more than 300 million users worldwide, as a springboard into Internet stardom, and is now active in various other areas as well.
He has 750,000 followers, and is well connected on Instagram with lots of other famous people from various backgrounds.
He’s a good painter, and likes painting on luxury brand bags and shoes, which is attracting the attention of people from the industry requesting his work.