24 Jan 2015

Introducing items worn by Nonoka Ono!

Nonoka exudes a light, feminine air. When we get to talking, she enthusiastically discusses her profession, displaying her hard-working side. We ask her all kinds of things, from fashion, to her ideal man.


interview → https://www.onitsukatiger.com/jp/magazine/interview/nonoka-ono

movie → http://youtu.be/CB0S2S-PduY


For her top she chose a sweatshirt, to go with the fabric of her skirt, with a cat print for a cute accent.



¥7,900 + tax



The focus of today’s outfit is the skirt, which Nonoka liked as soon as she saw it. The vivid magenta and pleats bring out the girly flavor, making it perfect for active girls.

Nonoka: I decided on this skirt because of the vibrant color and cute frilly design! Also, it has a lot of volume, so it makes my legs look longer, which is nice.

The sweatshirt fleece fabric is light and nice to the touch. The shiny material has a flashy appeal, with a neat color variation, so it would be nice to have one of these in your wardrobe.



¥7,900 + tax




¥13,000 + tax



And the sneakers are Tiger Alliance.
First of all, the smoky pink is a beautiful, eye-catching color. These create a soft air which brightens up the feet, and would definitely be good for the Spring-Summer season.


Nonoka: The sneakers have this really nice smoky pink color. With colorful sneakers, simple clothing and monotone designs are good matches, and even if you take them off, it looks nice just to show them off. I think it would also be nice to see guys wearing pink sneakers and accessories.


And with that, Nonoka has an impressive pair too! We also have men’s sizes, so we recommend them for guys too.


For this shoot, Nonoka showed a look different from the typical Gravure idol, and we really got a sense of her true appeal. For ladies, and for guys looking for presents for their girlfriends, may we suggest a pair?


Kanichiro look.2

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2