11 Oct 2018

【MONTE CREACE】Customize this shoe to create your own look

You can change up your shoelace pattern with the MONTE CREACE, and this flexible design feature means you’ll have a variety of ways to express yourself. Plus, the colors will be just the right complement to your Autumn / Winter wardrobe. It’s in stores starting October 13th.

The biggest feature on this shoe is the side loop through which you can run your laces, all the way back to the heel, giving you some different style options. And the special construction of this unique design wraps around your foot nice and snug; it fits like a glove.

Choose from two types: <BLACK / HUNTER GREEN> has a nice, deep green color, and <BLACK / BURGUNDY> has red and orange laces. Both options have a basic black, which is very chic, along with a white sole that accentuates the overall look.

The MONTE CREACE design was inspired by a 1950s climbing shoe, the MONTE POKHARA. We kept the outdoor shoe flavor of the POKHARA, which functions as the design base, and then added a higher heel and monosock tongue, for quite the unique shape. The overall result is a futuristic-looking fusion of casual and cutting-edge fashion elements.

With the MONTE CREACE, you can customize your look by changing up the shoelace pattern. Pick up a pair of these and create your very own style.



Kanichiro look.2

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2