2022 is the 'Year of the Tiger' which is also a special year for Onitsuka Tiger. It is said to bring good fortune to those who wear the zodiac sign of the year. To celebrate this event, Onitsuka Tiger will be offering various products designed with a tiger motif. Enjoy 2022 with Onitsuka Tiger's exclusive 'Tiger Goods'.

Special Collection

A special collection with Nirasawa Yasushi, a legendary illustrator/sculptor who was known for his distinctive creature and character designs. Items will be printed with 'Onitsuka Tiger Man' in blue and red colors, an exclusive artwork combining Nirasawa's latest work with a pattern inspired by the Onitsuka Tiger stripes.

Half sleeve Tee 
White, Black VND 2,299,000
Long sleeve Tee 
White, Black VND 2,799,000
Sweat tops 
White, Black VND 3,999,000

  • Collection will be available from 17th January, 2022 onwards.

Yasushi Nirasawa

Yasushi Nirasawa was a multi-disciplinary sculptor, a illustrator, cartoonist and creature designer.
He was born on August 26, 1963, in Tochio City (now Nagaoka City), Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
He graduated from the Tokyo Designer Gakuin (Design Department) in 1984, and started his career as a freelance illustrator.In 1987, he became Makoto Kobayashi’s assistant. The following year he set off on his own as an independent illustrator and sculptor. After he debuted his works on "S.M.H." and "HOBBY JAPAN" he became an overnight sensation. 
From 1988 until his death, he worked across mediums and genres, including games, movies, commercials, and TV programs—both in Japan and internationally.
From 2004 to 2011, he created monster designs for the Kamen Rider (aka Masked Rider), GARO and Sentai-mono series, as well as for the Godzilla Final Wars and Yokai Daisenso films
In February of 2016, he passed away at the age of 52.