Terms & Conditions


1.1. In these general terms and conditions as well as on the website, "ASICS" or "we" refers to ASICS Europe B.V. incorporated and registered in the Netherlands whose registered office is at Taurusavenue 125, (2132 LS) Hoofddorp (the Netherlands). The head office of ASICS is located at Taurusavenue 125, (2132 LS) Hoofddorp (the Netherlands), email address: customercare-uk@onitsukatiger.com. ASICS is registered in the Trade Register under number 34092761, and VAT number NL-8033.24.273.B.01.


2.1.These general terms and conditions apply to any and all offers by ASICS for products to be sold on the website ("Website"). By placing an order with Onitsuka Tiger, you are agreeing and accepting these general terms and conditions.

2.2. Please note, these general terms and conditions can change at any time, and it is up to you to check these terms and conditions before ordering products in case there are any changes.


Orders aren't currently available for the Onitsuka Tiger South Africa website but should that change in the future the below will be applicable.

3.1. You can place orders via the Website for the products that are shown on the Website at the prices indicated.

3.2. You may place an order on the condition that you:

a) provide your correct name and address, phone number, email address, payment details and other required information; b) provide a delivery address that is located in South Africa; and c) are the owner or authorized holder of a valid debit/credit card to buy the product if paying with a debit/credit card.

3.3. An order is placed by clicking on the "PAY NOW" button on the checkout page.

3.4. You will be provided with an opportunity to review your order, read and accept the general terms and conditions, check the total price of your order and the information you have provided and correct any input errors before confirming your order.

3.5. Your order that is placed does not bind ASICS, but constitutes an offer from you to purchase the relevant product in consideration for payment of the applicable price. All orders are then subject to acceptance by ASICS.

3.6. Once ASICS receives your order, ASICS will send you an email via the email address that you provided, which acknowledges receipt of the order and setting out details of the ordered product. The email will be sent by ASICS as soon as reasonably practical. This email does not constitute an acceptance of your order – only an acknowledgement that ASICS has received it.


4.1. After receiving your order, ASICS will check that the relevant product is in stock. The contract between you and ASICS will only be concluded when ASICS sends an email to you confirming (confirmation email) that all or part the product is available and has been dispatched.

4.2. ASICS will not file an accessible copy of your contract, so you are encouraged to download, save and/or print a copy of your order confirmation and these general terms for your records.


5.1.The price that is payable for a product will be the price in effect at the time your order is placed and will be set out in the acknowledgement email and in your order confirmation email.

5.2. All prices are including Value Added Tax.

5.3. All prices listed on the Website exclude the costs of delivery, which will be shown separately during the checkout procedure and added to the total price. Please note that delivery charges may vary depending on your chosen date of delivery and size of order.


6.1. It is always possible that despite our best efforts, some of the products we sell may be incorrectly described or incorrectly priced on the Website. If an error relates to product for which you have placed an order, we will email you to inform you that we have not accepted your order, and that your order has been cancelled. You may re-order if you wish once we have corrected the error on the Website.


7.1 In case ASICS discovers after conclusion of the contract that ASICS can no longer deliver the ordered products due to a reason outside of ASICS’ control (e.g. package is lost during shipment), ASICS will be entitled to terminate the contract. ASICS will, of course, inform the customer immediately and reimburse any payments made.


8.1. The product will have the specification as indicated in the product description of the website. The scope of the applicable after sales customer assistance are described on the Website and in the order confirmation.

8.2. With regard to the specifics and nature of the relevant product, we urge you to carefully read through the use instructions that apply to the specific product prior to ordering the product. These use instructions can be found on the Website. If you have any questions, or doubts with regard to the product, we urge you to contact us prior to your purchase of the product.

8.3. We sell you the product with regard to the specific purpose for which the product was offered by us on the Website. We urge you to take notice of the product's intended use prior to your purchase of the product; in order to ensure that you purchase a product that is suitable for your needs. In this regard, please ensure that the product is not used for another purpose then the purpose that is suggested by us. If the product is not used for its intended purpose, such use is likely to be detrimental to the quality, integrity, lifetime and appearance of the product and may even cause damage to the product or yourself.

8.4. The product will require your close attention with respect to maintenance, care and use on a continuous basis. The enjoyment and life expectancy of the product will depend to a substantial extent on the manner in which you will treat the product. In order to enjoy the product it is essential that you maintain it in accordance with the applicable maintenance instructions, that can be found on the Website. We urge you to take notice of these maintenance instructions prior to your purchase of the products; this in order to ensure that you are aware of specific maintenance requirements prior to your purchase of the product.

8.5. Special attention should be directed to washing and cleaning the product: failure to adhere to the washing instructions or the use of improper detergents may cause rips, tears, fading, pilling, shrinking, or other damage (including color bleeding and loss of waterproof qualities) in/of/to the product.

8.6. Even if all maintenance and use instructions are followed, it is however to be expected that the colors of the product will fade in time, due to weather, exposure to the sun and/or actual use thereof.


9.1. Payment for the products order can take place by either of the following means:

a) Credit/Debit card (MasterCard or Visa): You shall ensure that the exact name is fill out as is stated on the credit card. We will not charge your card until we dispatch the goods to you; or, b) PayPal: With PayPal you can directly transfer the purchase price to ASICS from the bank account, credit card or PayPal account.


10.1. ASICS shall deliver any product ordered within 30 (thirty) days after the order confirmation was sent by ASICS to you.

10.2. Should the order not be delivered within 30 days, then you may terminate the contract and request a refund.

10.3. The product will be delivered to the address indicated in your order, on the condition that the location is in the UK. ASICS will ensure transport of the product to the address specified in the shipping information details.


11.1. If you have placed your order but then wish to change or cancel it, please contact us as soon as you can by contacting our Customer Care, free of charge, by calling 800 35 80963 or by sending an email to customercare-uk@onitsukatiger.com, and we will confirm your cancellation by email. If your order has already been dispatched then you may have to wait until you have received the product as follow the normal return procedure set out in this section below.

11.2.We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with any product that you have received then you cancel your order within 30 days of your receipt of the product by using the cancellation form available on the Website, or by contacting our Customer Care, free of charge, by calling 800 35 80963 or by sending an email to sales@asics.co.za. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday until through Friday.

11.3. If you cancel the contract, ASICS shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (if you return the product in conformity the returns form that was provided to you when the product was delivered.


12.1. If you wish to return faulty or damaged product please contact our Customer Care, free of charge, by calling 021 300 7500 or by sending an email tosales@asics.co.za for further instructions. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday until through Friday.

12.2. We may ask you to return the products to us before we can process your refund. For information on how to return your product to use please refer to our Privacy Policy.


15.1. All legal relationships between ASICS and the you are governed by the laws of South Africa.


16.1. If ASICS made any error with respect to the order, if you have any complaints, or if you would like to contact ASICS for other reasons, please contact ASICS immediately on 021 300 7500 or sales@asics.co.za and we will be happy to assist you. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday until through Friday. ASICS is registered in the Trade Register under number 34092761, and VAT number NL-8033.24.273.B.01.

16.2. European legislation requires all web shops to include the following link to the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Asics is not a member of any alternative dispute resolution body and does not necessarily agree to use any such body. We prefer to resolve any problems with our customers directly through our customer service centre sales@asics.co.za.