Born from Ambition

這個故事緣起於鬼塚喜八郎先生的理想,運動擁有改變人生的力量。Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,意指sound mind, sound body,健全的心靈源自健康的體魄,這句拉丁箴言正是Onitsuka Tiger的品牌精神,而其首字縮寫即為ASICS。

起初,我們計畫幫助二戰後的日本青少年重建未來,深信運動是團結人們及連結社會最好的方式。60年後的今日,此創業哲學仍屹立不搖。Onituka Tiger專注於工藝細節且持續創新,讓我們得以躋身世界。



An idea inspired by an octopus

This is a story of an octopus. An eight-legged delicacy fated to be so much more than somebody's supper. Whose tentacle got stuck to a salad bowl served to Kihachiro Onitsuka. And became the inspiration for Onitsuka Tiger's breakthrough sports shoe innovation: the suction cup sole on the 1951 OK BASKETBALL SHOE. Its grip allowed players to make the fast breaks and sudden stops essential to the game. Little wonder the Japanese high school team that first wore the shoes won their championship.

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Story of a bath

Kihachiro ONITSUKA had a eureka moment as he watched steaming hot water wrinkle his toes in the bath. Onitsuka had been shown blister-promoting forms by a university medical professor, and he realized that heat causes running blisters. This inspired him to focus on better air circulation for long-distance running shoes. Drilling holes into shoes proved to be an epochal discovery in 1960. The MAGIC RUNNER was not only more lighweight, but also offered excellent air circulation.

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The need for speed

Japanese innovation came into its own at the 1964 Tokyo Games. It was here that the iconic RUNSPARK debuted - Onitsuka Tiger's first fixed track spikes for athletes. Athletes could select from four different spike lengths, depending on track conditions. The line featured a number of shoe structures, including a heel with layers of soft sponge to help absorb shock upon impact with the ground.

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The birth of an icon

Changes made in 1966 are still evident today. The Onitsuka Tiger stripe first appeared that year and still adorns the sides of Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS shoes. The stripe first appeared on the LIMBER UP Leather BK, introduced for the 1968 Mexico Olympic Game.

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An athletic forerunner

By performing excellently at major international events, Onitsuka Tiger earned its stripes as one of Japan's top sports shoe makers. And the rest of the world took notice. American middle-distance runner and Bill Bowerman protege Phil Knight met with Mr. Onitsuka as part of his MBA studies in marketing athletic shoes. He was inspired to set up Blue Ribbon Sports to bring Onitsuka Tiger shoes to the US. The company was soon to become Nike, while Onitsuka Tiger later created the TIGER CORTEZ in response to a request from Blue Ribbon Sports.

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The modern jogger takes shape

CALIFORNIA鞋款當初是針對慢跑所設計,能幫助維持足弓並提供腳指穩固支撐,其鞋墊給予腳指足夠空間移動。當著地腳指協助前進時,寬敞圓潤的鞋跟能幫助平衡。 以安全為特色,CALIFORNIA的鞋跟具備反光材質,讓駕駛能在300公尺外注意到著用鞋款的人。

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當Onituska Tiger成長茁壯為ASICS,並進而打造自己成為世界運動領導品牌時,我們深知這段歷程將化為品牌精神延續。以日本職人精神為榮並融合跨時代田徑運動的歷史,透過街頭行人鞋履傳承於世。

2002年,豐富的歷史資產啟發我們將Onitsuka Tiger重生於世,經典被重新演繹、創新及改造。以原創的Onitsuka Tiger運動鞋為起點,我們改變了剪裁、色調和結構帶給你嶄新生活風格的復刻鞋款MEXICO 66、CALIFONIA和NIPPON MADE。