The Onitsuka Tiger brand is proud to announce our “Sakiori” collection in collaboration with Saccora Japan of Morioka city, Iwate. When we heard of the Saccora Project, breathing new life into forgotten cloth through the traditional Edo period crafting technique of sakiori, we knew we had to work together. Our classic MEXICO 66® and LAWNSHIP® 2.0 models have been reborn thanks to Tohoku region weavers and this new take on a traditional technique, making for an altogether modern and stylish sneaker.

Sakiori is a form of craftsmanship—a wisdom of the people—passed down in the Tohoku region from long ago when cotton was extremely precious. The process takes old cloth and tears it into thin strips that are then carefully woven, thread-by-thread, into a new material using a traditional loom. Almost every step of this process is done by hand and through this handy work the artisan’s love for the crafting of things is also woven into the material. This gives rise to the unique texture, full of warmth, that no machine can replicate. #OnitsukaTiger

The Sakiori collection, in collaboration with Sansa Sakiori Koubo, takes the Onitsuka Tiger brand's iconic MEXICO 66® and LAWNSHIP® 2.0 models and decorates their uppers with sakiori materials. The coloring and textile feel varies by the cloth used in the production of the sakiori, and bold use of this reformed material allows an ancient crafting technique to create a unique and modern finish.