A collaboration between
Onitsuka Tiger and
came true!

Lum and Ataru appear wearing Onitsuka Tiger shoes in the anime URUSEIYATSURA! In addition, a special movie with a completely original story created for this collaboration will be released, and the newly drawn visuals will be shown all at once!

Please enjoy this fusion of fashion and anime woven by Onitsuka Tiger and URUSEIYATSURA, both of which share the same roots and build a culture originating from Japan!

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A story, which is full of romance, fearlessness and somewhat sorrow, begins with the high school student with the worst luck in the earth, Ataru Moroboshi, and the beauty demon from the universe, Lum.

Bunches of people from the galaxy flourish the boy-meets-girl between Ataru and Lum with laughter.

<Original Story> URUSEIYATSURA by Rumiko Takahashi (in Weekly Shōnen Sunday published by Shogakukan)
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<Original Comics> Shogakukan Bunko URUSEIYATSURA (Author: Rumiko Takahashi) 18 volumes on sale now!
Also available on the webcomic distribution site: Sunday Ueburi.
Started selling a complete set of 4 reprint boxes: one box each month for 4 consecutive months from 10/12.

Visual Visual

Lum and Ataru appear wearing Onitsuka Tiger shoes in the anime URUSEIYATSURA! In EP1, Ataru wears Onitsuka Tiger's iconic model MEXICO 66 during a game of tag, one of the most symbolic scenes in the story.

In EP3, Lum will wear a shoe exclusively designed for this anime, based on the DELECITY characterized by its chunky and unique style!

Original, newly-drawn visuals exclusive to this collaboration They depict Lum wearing the collaboration shoes, Lum and Ataru playing tag, which also appears in the special movie, and the two wearing apparel that has been exclusively designed for this movie.

A special "Sooooo cute!" movie produced by the animation production team and Onitsuka Tiger The movie features a completely original Onitsuka Tiger story of Lum and Ataru in Neo Shibuya, which depicts Shibuya in the near future. The set is a virtual store inspired by the existing Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya store, and the production is being handled by David Production Inc., the company behind the anime URUSEIYATSURA.

The collaboration item will be offered to customers in a limited-edition original shoe box and shopper from Onitsuka Tiger and URUSEIYATSURA!

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