Made in Japan with pride, THE ONITSUKA™ collection is the new, redefined luxury. Every detail has been meticulously engineered for both form and function. We seamlessly combine timeless designs with traditional craftsmanship, comfort technology and Japanese precision. We believe in practical enjoyment over extravagant opulence.

THE ONITSUKA™ footwear is characterized by unique hybrid designs, juxtaposing the sophistication of dress shoes and sneakers, pursuing light comfort. Introducing story behind Japanese craftsmanship hidden in each pair.

The “red line” - decent leather shoes with a discernible accent. The representation of the line is in THE ONITSUKA’s classical, iconic red color, with the cushioning “αGEL Foam”, light and comfy.
※αGEL Foam is a trademark of Taica Corporation, registered in Japan and / or other countries.

THE ONITSUKA portrays Japanese craftsmanship in every single detail, including its materials and forms. The glossy upper leather's source, the town of Himeji, is world-renowned for its leather made from Kobe cattle, and all handmade by painstaking craftsmen. Nicely, comfortably fits in the shape of your feet.

Good for your feet, adding almost no burden even after a long walk. Prevention of arch sinking and wobbling heels by combining the inner sole with materials with different hardness equipped with a supporting function. Extra softness achieved by embedding sponges in the tongue and the ankle.

Featuring the combination of leather shoes and moderately thick shark soles. The rubber sponges of the outer sole simply makes it light and durable. The leather shoes perfectly fit in your walks and your life - it’s easy to wear and to walk. Also, the circle design of the outer sole is original; it extends excellent grip and support to various scenarios in your daily life.


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