With every step taken, our NIPPON MADE   range brings the legacy of Japanese craftsmanship to a modern world. The FABRE ™ NM sneaker brings together our brand’s defining beliefs – a dedication to artisanal shoemaking and the innovation of shape and style. Infusing historic Japanese skill with a sleek and iconic silhouette, the FABRE NM is a streetwear titan. Named after the 'fast break' offensive strategy on the basketball court, the original leather FABRE model was launched back in 1975, and we’ve kept all the features that made it a classic – leather upper, low-top shape – and made it fitting for today’s highly styled. Bursts of colour – like Tai Chi Yellow and Black or Classic Red and White   - transform and transcend an athletic shoe, turning it into the sort of statement piece that is just as likely to be found on the front cover of a magazine as it is the front row of the basketball stadium. Precisely and proudly fashioned on the Tottori Prefecture coast of Japan, no two pairs of FABRE NM are ever the same. Hand-customized and shipped to Osaka before finding their way to your wardrobe, this is much more than a shoe. It’s art, it’s history, it’s tradition. Quite simply, it’s who we are.