A spotlight on Onitsuka Tiger Heritage shoes: the SERRANO



Born in Kobe, Osaka Bay, Onitsuka Tiger is a brand proud of its past but always pushing into the future. Across the full range of Onitsuka Tiger shoes and products, it is clear to see how the Japanese dedication to artisanal quality, attention to detail, perfectionism, and hard work is woven into every stitch, every crease and every flourish. Having been at the forefront of the emergence of lifestyle footwear, where sportswear and style began inspiring one another, plenty of heritage shoes from the brand are just as relevant today as they were when the very first iteration was conceived. One such shoe is the SERRANO model, a cleverly adapted track shoe that’s become a must-have addition in many a wardrobe.



The SERRANO model both celebrates the traditions of Onitsuka Tiger’s legacy and innovates the brand’s offering to a style-conscious generation. Modern and classic, the SERRANO is a sleek trainer inspired by the track runners of the 1970s. With a subtle silhouette that is easy to work into any style for any occasion, the SERRANO runner has a narrow cut, appearing slimmer and smaller. This narrow cut, along with the soft nylon upper, makes for a lightweight and comfortable shoe.




One of the earliest examples of a running shoe dates back to 1865. Found in a museum in Northampton, England (historically known as a shoemaker’s town), the original track shoe is said to have belonged to Lord Spencer, a very distant relative of Princess Diana. Far from the foot-moulding, breathability of the SERRANO model, this original track shoe was said to be like a men’s dress shoe… only with spikes on the bottom. Fortunately for everybody, Onitsuka Tiger entered the shoemaking game in 1949. Kihachiro Onitsuka decided the way to motivate the post-war youth was through exercise, and to make exercise more appealing, the footwear had to be accessible and wearable for all. As the company started to innovate basketball shoes and provide cutting-edge trainers for the Tokyo Olympics, it wasn’t long before they set their sights on the casual running trend that exploded in the 1980s.


Taking the fundamentals of a track shoe but introducing the trademark Onitsuka Tiger twists, the SERRANO trainer has quickly become a wardrobe essential. It was the modernised approach to a classic product that helped the SERRANO break out and lead the pack in stylish sports sneakers. The textured rubber sole means the shoe is durable, keeping people on their feet from the boardroom to beyond. The vintage runner style, sleek profile, high-quality choice materials, plus their enticing colours have made it a versatile shoe that can be integrated into any style. Onitsuka Tiger has always understood the importance of designing, creating and living outside of limits, and the SERRANO runner perfectly encapsulates this; in having the feel of a competitive shoe with added style and modern comforts, the SERRANO ascends to a new peak in versatility – the apex of athletics and aesthetics.