Design and comfort move as one in the Rebilac Runner. The unique shape of the midsole gives the shoe its own identity, while the chunky silhouette of the midsole makes for a popular and contemporary look. Inherited from our running heritage, ORTHOLITE and fuzaGEL technology is featured all throughout the soles making your walk as comfortable as possible.

Updating the company archive, the REBILAC RUNNER™ treads back in time to honour the craftmanship that remains to be the heartbeat of our brand, all while introducing modern, lively touches. This connection of the past to the present transforms the REBILAC ™ RUNNER into much more than a running shoe – it’s now an essential element to any outfit, a sneaker for work, play, night, and day. Its most distinguished feature is the unique shape of the slitted midsole. The cushion holes at the rear of the shoe enhance cushioning, buffering the impact of contact with the ground. The sneaker is also made more flexible and comfortable with a slit at the front of the shoe. Introduced to the heel, our pioneering fuzeGEL® technology helps for lightweight shock absorption, perfect for the on-the-go pavement pounders making things happen in towns and cities across the world. It’s not just a shoe that feels good, it’s a sneaker that looks good. The thick midsole creates a contemporary, chunky silhouette that taps into a continuing trend Onitsuka Tiger has helped establish, echoing the shape across other shoes like the CHUNKY RUNNER LO. As we introduce new colour combinations to a classic, a great shoe now becomes a great shoe for anyone – whether you style yourself in muted tones or bright hues. The REBILAC RUNNER in Tiger Yellow and White or Midnight and Polar Shade   make for a statement pair, a use of contrasting colours across the different textiles demanding anyone you walk by to pay attention. But the elegance of the timeless craftmanship has a refined finish in classic Black or White. A long-standing Onitsuka Tiger favourite, this low-profile sneaker makes clever use of leather and textile for an essential hybrid styling. You’ll wear your stripes with pride as the Onitsuka Tiger branding is overlaid for an unmistakable finish. Pair it with our versatile range of men’s clothing , women’s clothing, or accessories for a street-style look that’s all you.