08 Mar 2022

The World’s Fashionistas Watch OT’s 2022 Autumn Winter Collection!

The Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter Collection was put on stage at Milan Fashion Week on February 25, 2022 (2:00pm in Italy) under the direction of OT Creative Director, Andrea Pompilio.

Excitement and tension is felt backstage
Backstage, Team Andrea was scrambling to produce the best show. They were fastidious about the performance, down to the details of the lace. Within a tense and excited atmosphere, various pros did their best work to put on a perfect ensemble score!

Excitement filled the air. At last the show starts!
Music reverberates in a jet-black hall. Shadows, which are the concept of this season’s collection, emerge as lights shine down on and follow the models doing the walk. Wear embodying shadow appears in quiet and refined succession evocative of the Japanese spirit of wabisabi.

Fashionistas took notice of the many creative designs such as a chenille fabric wrap dress suggestive of an acetate souvenir jacket, an embroidered tunic, and a cotton dress with drawstring. Flame and floral prints made a superb impact within a monotone backdrop.

A mix of materials can be enjoyed by layering such items as a nylon jacket, shaved teddy, fleece, maxi bermuda pants of the same material, half skirt with pleats, multi-pocket waistcoat, and balaclava (ski mask). Attention to detail and nuance reflects a Japanese aesthetic sensibility.

Flat sole leather pan boots and bulky platform nylon boots are proposed as accents for the autumn and winter season.

Among accessories, the high quality sunglasses by KANEKO OPTICAL attracted interest.

Andrea Pompilio also takes the walk!
The hall was enveloped in a unique atmosphere composed by shadow. All models doing the walk in procession dressed in black garb stole the show! The finale saw Andrea Pompilio doing the walk to a massive round of applause.

The show won critical acclaim!
The world’s fashionistas and influencers assembled for Onitsuka Tiger’s first in-person fashion show since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some impressions of the show.

It was a contemporary, indispensable show that made use of past styles to project the future of our style. (Elisa Maino)

I felt the beauty of Japanese fashion from silhouettes that perfectly matched the urban energy of a new generation. (Gabriele Esposito)

A perfect mix of Asian and European street styles! (Andrea Faccio)

I was inspired by the layering and composition of the street wear. I am always fascinated by Onistuka Tiger’s world in the same way that Japanese culture fascinates me. (Valentina Siragusa)

A dark atmosphere, a black style interlaced with white details, and the storm of gems adorning the finale! I love this collection! (Gianmarco Millo)

Andrea Pompilio inspires us with history and fashion. He has produced a modern style that is informed by an 80’s mood. (Federica Messaggeri)

I was inspired by the monotone worldview dressed in a present-day storyline. (noonoouri)

Check out the Onitsuka Tiger 2022 Autumn/Winter Collection!


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