17 May 2024

Wataru Hyuga look.2

New garb draws out expressions that I never knew I had

The actor Hyuga Wataru is renowned for his work in numerous TV dramas and film such as “Kamen Rider Revice.” In the special TV drama that aired last month “GTO Revival” he gave an impassioned performance as a student with family problems. When he landed the part in GTO Revival, the people who were most exuberant were his parents who are of the same generation as the lead actor Takashi Sorimachi. Hyuga says that his family and friends play a big part in who he is. I asked him about what he does in his private time and his favorite garb.

Wataru Hyuga look.2

“In my private time, I go back to my hometown in Gunma Prefecture to spend time with my parents and grandparents, or I go driving with friends. My hometown is a place that is dear to me where I can switch gears, but I get the sense that people familiar to me are cheering for me which makes me want to live up to their expectations. Gunma Prefecture is a very good place to live! A place that I can recommend? Let me think about it for a second. Hmm, I wonder where… (laughs)”

Wataru Hyuga look.2

Hyuga shows a little bit of his 20 year old boyish side while joking with me. But he appears adult and cool when he tries out a hairstyle with raised bangs and dons the garb for Look 2. This all-in-black ensemble consists of a mesh top with knee-length shorts to make for a sporty look, which sublimates the ensemble for a street and mode style with “DUCK TIGER TRAINER” sneakers with a characteristic sharp toe design suggestive of a duck’s beak. Looking at the photos, Hyuga is surprised at how different an impression he makes.

“What strikes me is that Onitsuka Tiger has a high level of design yet manages to keep a sporty image. All the items make me feel upbeat when I throw them on. As I ordinarily do not wear fashion that is bold, wearing garb like this for a photo shoot allows me to get acquainted with my various expressions, so it is a lot of fun.”

Wataru Hyuga look.2

I asked him what kind of fashion he likes, and he responds that he often throws on a simple ensemble. He particularly liked the knee-length shorts from this look.

“Rather than mixing and matching, I like to throw on a matching two-piece. I am rather hesitant when it comes to garb, so if I decide “this is it!” it is handy if it is a matching top and bottom. I tend to wear a rough style, and I liked these black knee-length shorts with the elastic material and felt texture. They would be good for the summer! I have a pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers with an orange accent color on a white base. I ordinarily choose simple colored garb, but for those sneakers I pair them up with orange socks or with other colored garb. (laughs)”

Wataru Hyuga look.2

I asked him about what future challenges he would like to undertake and his reply was unexpected.

“I want to dye my hair gold! I have yet to try dyeing my hair so I don’t know how I would look. The parts I have played so far have been mostly good guy parts, so I want to try my hand at playing an outlaw or bad guy. If I am in a film with gold hair, it will mean that my dream has come true!”

Wataru Hyuga look.2

Hyuga takes his work seriously whether it is acting in film or doing an interview. I am excited for him when I think of the roles he will don in his future work. I am sure he will enjoy the process of becoming someone new. Hyuga who is filled with high hopes for the future left an impression on me.

→ In Look 1, I asked Wataru Hyuga about a turning point in his career as an actor.

Direction : Shinsuke Nozaka
Photo, Movie: Keiichiro Nakajima
Stylist : midori(W)
Hair & Make up : Shiho Sakamoto
Text : Saki Shibata

Wataru Hyuga

Born March 18, 2004 in Gunma Prefecture. He entered a talent show in 2019 called “HORIPRO MEN’S STAR AUDITION: Are you a future star? Or is it the person next to you?” He was the youngest contestant at the age of 14 to win the grand prize from among 6468 contestants. He began his acting career by appearing in the TV drama “The Sun Does Not Move: THE ECLIPSE” and the film ” The Sun Does Not Move” in which he plays Tatsuya Fujiwara during his senior high school days (who is played by Kazuhiko Takano as an adult.)
In October 2020, he appeared in the TV drama “Our Sister’s Soulmate” and in 2021 he played Daiji Igarashi in “Kamen Rider Revice.” He has more recently appeared in the Sunday Theater “Get Ready!” (’23), the NHK period drama “What Would You Do, Ieyasu?” (’23), the MBS drama “Kimitonara Koiwo Shitemitemo” (’23), the Fuji TV Friday 9:00pm show “My Lawyer is Not So Easy” (’23), the Asahi TV Tuesday 9:00pm show “Mars: Zero No Kakumei” (’23), and the special TV drama “GTO Revival” (’24). He currently appears as a regular in the Asahi TV April Friday Night drama “JK to Roppozensho” in the role of Yu Watanabe.