13 Dec 2022

Ryubi Miyase look.1

The family and hometown backing this popular young actor at 18
and his take on fashion

Ryubi Miyase is drawing attention with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, appearing in many popular TV shows, and serves as the youngest presenter on the history of the infotainment TV program Mezamashi Terebi. He entered the world of show in his teens, and he is someone who lifts the mood of others on a TV show. His relaxed manner and his spirit of service in posing for the camera may be a reason for his popularity. I asked him about fashion, memories from childhood, and about his family and hometown.

Miyase Ryubi

Ryubi Miyase stands in front of the camera dressed all in white. This fashion shoot is a refreshing change of pace in a hectic work schedule. He exclaims that having the freedom to strike poses makes him happy.

“I was impressed by the shoes which are so light I feel like dancing! They are good to wear yet are also stylish so they are good. The all in white matching top and bottom have black cross-stitching and the arms seem to have two parts stitched together. This attention to detail really works as a design element and hooks me in.”

When talk turns to fashion, his love of dress-up reveals itself. He developed a love of fashion due to the great influence of the people he met in entertainment.

“Knowledgeable people taught me and wearing dress-up on TV shows honed my passion for clothes. It took a while through trial and error to know my likes and what suits me. I would try on some garb at a shop and even though it didn’t suit me, the shop clerk would tell me ‘it looks good on you’ and I would end up being too trusting.”

Miyase Ryubi

Most recently, he reads overseas fashion week information in magazines and books. He looks into new seasons and collections of his favorite brands when they come out. His enthusiasm to broaden his knowledge is part of his charisma.

“I have begun to get a feel for what suits me, so I choose garb with priority on items that can be worn forever. There are a broad range of garment styles that I like and I want to try on various items, but I recently have a yen to try on old wear. I like to wear a Levi’s vintage denim jacket 4th generation. It is a 70’s item and its fading and shape is stylish. I like to investigate first edition old wear that are the original design for many a garb.”

I asked him about his hairstyle that is tinged in stylish pink and draws the eye. His response was not what I expected.

“I don’t have any particular likes or dislikes when it comes to my hairstyle (laughing). This is because I try to throw away my pride when making a role for a TV drama. The show is of paramount importance irrespective of what I like or don’t like. I am hopeful that if I entrust myself to this regimen, sooner or later I will meet up with the one hairstyle that suits me for sure.”

Miyase Ryubi

Ryubi Miyase is from Miyagi Prefecture. He began his career in show business after being scouted at a shopping mall. How did he feel at the time?

“It was a strange feeling. I didn’t know a thing about the industry and just jumped in. After joining a studio, I tried out many things and discovered what I wanted to do. I made many twists and turns and there were good times and bad times. But this was at a time when I wanted to play with friends so balancing school and work was difficult (laughing). I remember my mother telling me, ‘Don’t forget there are people cheering for you. It is not like it was before.’”

His family is very tight knit and they can say anything to each other. They supported his work in show business from the start and they are like one team. His hometown is a great presence in his life.

“My hometown is a place that frees me from everything where I can be myself and provides moral support. I can only go home on my off days, but it is one of the few places I can go to recharge. I used to travel back and forth from Tokyo in the past, but now it may be best to be located at a slight distance from Tokyo so I can invest myself in my work.”

Miyase Ryubi

His stage name “Miyase” (宮世) contains the meaning “from Miyagi to the world.”I asked him about this.

“The townscape is different from Tokyo and is appealing. I especially appreciate the balance between urban life and nature. The city is developed and flourishing but there is a forest right next to Sendai Station. I feel at ease whenever I come home.”

→ For Look 2, I will ask Ryubi Miyase about his pastimes and outlook on the future.

Direction: Shinsuke Nozaka
Photo, Movie: Genki Nishikawa (MILD)
Stylist: Kosei Matsuda(SIGNO)
Hair & Make up: Yusuke Tokita
Text: Aika Kawada

Miyase Ryubi

Born in Miyagi Prefecture. Made his debut as an actor in 2019. He came up with the stage name Ryubi Miyase in the hopes of fulfilling his dream to make it big as an actor; the character words 宮世Miya-se mean “from Miyagi to the world. “He first appeared in TV commercials which are considered a first step in the ladder to success for young actors, and later appeared in numerous popular TV shows such as the TBS drama “Koisuru Hahatachi” and “Murai no Koi.”He is the youngest monthly presenter in the history of the Fuji TV show “Mezamashi Terebi.”He currently appears in the Tuesday night TBS drama “Kimino Hananinaru” and “Yamikin Ushijimakun Gaiden: Yamikin Saiharasan.”


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