12 Mar 2023

Riko Fukumoto look.2

Her love for dress-up is her parents influence:
She goes to the gym so she can wear her dress-up well

Riko Fukumoto is an actor who has appeared in a number of popular shows and has been well received for her acting prowess. “I go to work in my own garb. I love my garb as I can use it to motivate myself.” She claims that fashion is an important element in taking on acting in earnest. I asked her about her fashion sense.

Fukumoto Riko look2

Look 2 is an all-in-green garb that is both refreshing and has a little bit of character. A band collar shirt has wings which spreads out like a gown matched together with easy-pants to make for an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.
“The shirt and pants silhouette is sleek and lady-like, and as with Look 1, I took an immediate liking to it. A cape-like design that streams down from your shoulders wavers in the wind allowing some skin to be seen and is sexy. It is very lady-like and a new look for me. When matched up with white Japanese sandals, the ensemble takes on a light air that is truly splendid!” She moves freely to allow the character of the garb to shine through so I can feel her level of awareness toward the show.

Fukumoto Riko look2

“In choosing items, what is important to me is discerning dress that is comfortable that I can wear over the long term. While I also appreciate well-designed garb that is stylish and cute to look at, I recently mainly think about what looks good with a handbag, or how the dress-up feels against my skin, or a silhouette that won’t quit. Of the garb that I put on for this shoot, I am partial toward the short-hem bomber jacket from Look 1 together with the easy-pants from Look 2. They are perfect for ordinary wear as they are comforting without making me stress out and can also be worn to work to lift my spirits!”

Riko-san visualizes herself wearing items she is keen on, and reads up on the latest fashion information to hone her senses. “I often make reference of lady’s fashion from film. Other than this, I watch Pinterest for ideas on what women wear abroad. But when it comes to buying stuff, I go to Japanese fashion magazines.”

Fukumoto Riko look2

Riko-san’s love of garb also comes from her parents. “Both my parents are really into clothing. I sometimes go to used clothing shops around the Koenji Temple area with my father. He is well-versed in brands and will tell me ‘This is a collection from when this designer was in vogue’ (laughing). We go shopping together and say things like ‘That is cool’ or ‘This is nice.'” Garb being the shared mode of lingo in a family unit is a lovely story.

Fukumoto Riko look2

In order to look better in clothing she has begun training at the gym. How stoic!
“I started training to beef up on my slim physique. My posture improves or my physical condition improves. I find pleasure in being able to easily lift weights that I couldn’t lift two weeks ago, and am impressed by how the human body can power-up according to the work you put in! (laughing). I often wear a dress for work but when my regular stylist or hair and make-up artist remarks ‘the garb looks even better on you now!’ this is the best compliment I can get as a person who is into the garb.”
Riko-san undertakes everything in earnest and with a sense of fun and for this reason is always fun to be around. I look forward to her future endeavors!

Direction: Shinsuke Nozaka
Photo, Movie: Masato Moriyama (TRIVAL)
Stylist: Itsuka Watanabe
Hair, Make Up: Yoko Fuseya (ESPER)
Text: Hisamoto Chikaraishi (S/T/D/Y)

Fukumoto Riko

Born in Osaka on November 25, 2000. She made her acting debut after winning the Grand Prix at the “8th Toho Cinderella Auditions” held in 2016. She has since played roles in a wide range of gigs in TV dramas, film and stage, and has also played the lead. Most recently, she appeared in the film “The Blue Skies at Your Feet,” “20-Years-Old Soul,” “Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight,” the theatrical anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime The Movie: Scarlet Bond,” the TV drama “Red Nurse Call,” and the Stage Play “The Great War of Archimedes.”