09 Oct 2017

hitomi look.1

An interview with the multifaceted hitomi, recording artist and mother of three!

Starting out as a singer and model, and more recently from the perspective a mother, hitomi spans quite the range of areas. It had been a while since her last fashion shoot, but nonetheless she rocked the Onitsuka style with great proportions. On that note, we also get her take on some fashion topics.


── Tell us how you feel about today’s shoot

It’s been a long time since I had a proper shoot in a studio, so I was nervous (haha). But I think Look 1 and 2 both gave accurate portrayals of me.

── Do you wear sneakers? Also, how did Onitsuka Tiger feel to wear?

I often wear sneakers, and a lot of flat shoes, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to try the Onitsuka Tiger ones. And being a mom, sneakers are a mainstay (smiles). They’re really comfortable! The velvet material is totally trending now, so Onitsuka Tiger really have their finger on the pulse.


── In what kind of situations would you wear this stuff?

I used to be totally into the rock music scene, so I never really went anywhere (haha). But this year I tried wearing down for the first time, like the kind of people you might see in a café at a ski lodge or something.

── Do you wear outfits with pants often?

Yeah, both pants and skirts. I often think that since I have kids, I shouldn’t bother wearing skirts, but I like both.


── Is there any kind of look you’re going for this autumn and winter season?

Yeah, sandals, because I have kids (laughs). Sneakers too, but I need something that’s easy to put on and take off. When I was younger I didn’t really think about the functional aspect much, but now it’s more important to me, so I always have some sandals ready.

Like, when I’m putting together an outfit, I’ll go for a cardigan instead of knit clothes. It’s kind of the same idea in both cases; if I wear something easy to take off and put back on whenever, it just makes life easier. So this year I’m focusing on items like that.


── Could you tell us what your image of Onitsuka Tiger is?

I remember them being worn in the movie Kill Bill (laughs)! Or rather, they were worn by Uma Thurman in the movie. So, since they were worn by such a stylish and striking woman, that was kind of the image I had in my head about them, and it had me excited to wear them for today’s shoot (haha)!


 Coming up next month, we focus on hitomi’s personal life in Look 2. She talks about being a mother, being a single woman, and more.


Hitomi was born in 1976, and made her debut in November of 1994.

The worldview expressed in her lyrics gets a lot of support from women of her generation, and she always works to push her themes with unique visuals.

Hitomi’s photo book Love Life 2 hit bookstores in 2009.

This photo collection, which featured maternity nudes, inspired countless women to pose for their own maternity nude shots, resulting in quite the social phenomenon.

In addition to singing and modeling, she’s active in lots of other areas, like consulting for apparel and beauty products. She’s also the mother of three children.