10 Apr 2014


Aoyama Thelma is known for her powerful singing voice and also known to charm the audience with her cute looks. We interviewed Thelma to find out more about her.
What do you think of today’s fashion style?

It is very sporty but at the same time, it is casual and has a street fashion feel to it. It is very trendy and stylish. I think it is very easy to wear and it certainly lifts my spirit up.

What outfits do you recommend for this spring?

I am the type of person that likes to wake up early in the morning and check out the weather forecast before deciding what to wear, though I cannot seem to be able to catch up with the latest trends. I think pastel colors such as cotton pink are amazing. Also there are many Setup/Suits this season so I would like to incorporate them into my style.

What inspired you to become the chief editor of “DREAM PAPER”?

In addition to my music, I have always been interested in photography and art. I have always loved creative ideas and I wanted to find an outlet to release my creativity as well as find a place where everybody can have fun. So that is how the idea of “DREAM PAPER” came about.
In fact, I sort of have the tendency to be an Otaku sometimes that is why I love to work on my computer. And I also create my own graphic designs.

There are many people involved in making “DREAM PAPER”. Tell us more about that.

I have many creator friends from abroad who are making this paper with me.
I would like to introduce not only the Japanese culture but also the fashion, music and culture of other countries.
At first, I was encouraging everyone to come out and share with us but as we moved forward, more people who wanted to do fun things gathered around us and expanded the social circle. I think it is fun to meet many different people from around the world.

What is the difference between the fashion in Japan and overseas?

Fashion styles differ from one place to another for example in NY they concentrate on brands, in LA they wear more casual clothes, while in Paris they stick to dark tones. But I think Japan has certainly the most interesting fashion styles of all. Each district has its own unique style, for example the Lolita of Harajuku, the Gyaru in Shibuya, and I think that they all enjoy wearing what they wear.”

What are your future goals?

Of course I would like to continue my journey as an artist but I think that there are many things that I cannot express through music. So I hope I can express myself through many different ways such as “DREAM PAPER” and my clothing lines.
I think, in this day and age, you can present yourself to the world very easily so I would like to take this opportunity to increasingly promote good music and creative thinking.

Finally, what your message to your fans?

Wearing Onitsuka Tigers made me feel very happy. These clothes made me want to meet up with somebody to go out and have fun. So I recommend everyone to try it on.
And finally, I would be very pleased if everybody spreads the spirit of “Happiness” and “Stylish”.


“Born in Nara prefecture on October 27, 1987 (26 years old).
Blood Type: B
She is part Trinidadian and Japanese.
On September 5, 2007, she made her debut with the single “ONE WAY”.
She is a talented singer who has a clear and powerful voice that is filled with emotion. In addition, she is known for having perfect control of her voice while maintaining her cute looks.
Her interest in fashion, photography and art, drew many girls of her age to support her. In 2012, she became the chief editor of the free newspaper “DREAM PAPER” which features articles about music, culture and fashion. ”