09 Feb 2018

Misako Uno look.1

An interview with the charismatic Misako Uno of AAA,
A multi-faceted performing artist.

She’s the main vocalist of AAA, but Misako Uno is also active in a wide range of areas like acting and modeling. This multi-talented performer creates a friendly atmosphere for the interview, while looking cute in her Onitsuka Tiger gear. We take this opportunity to ask her about fashion and beauty care.


── What are your thoughts looking back on today’s shoot?

The colorful jacket is nice, very spring-like. When pairing a floral-print item like this with sneakers, it’s important to use something contrasting to balance out the look. I tend to go with more casual sneakers, so in that case I want to find a more feminine article of clothing or accessory to complete the outfit.

── Tell me about your image of Onitsuka Tiger

The Onitsuka Tiger shoes I had before were pretty simple, with red and blue stripes on a white base. But I was really impressed with the nice design of the ones I wore today! I wasn’t expecting them to have so many items with such quality designs, because they had always seemed rather basic before.


── Do you often wear sneakers in your private life?

I do! I wear them for rehearsals, and for when I have to walk a lot. I like designs with white, or ones with lots of color. I probably wear a lot of bright colors on my feet. Mostly I want sneakers that make a light impression.

── Do you have any favorite fashion or outfit points that you’d like to mention?

I tend to dress in basic styles. I don’t really wear anything too elaborate. For me, size is the most important thing. These days there are a lot of oversized clothes, but I include one thing that fits tight to add a more feminine appeal to the outfit.


── Do your fashion preferences tend to change often?

I wear a lot of things that don’t match my age, and now that I’m in my 30s, I don’t really wear many trendy fashion items. There are a lot of cute-looking items on the market now, but I think it’s important to avoid throwing too many things into an outfit just because they’re popular. I like to be aware of trends while also having fun trying lots of different looks.

── I guess people tend to shift into different fashion modes when hitting their 30s

Yeah, it’s definitely different from my 20s! In my 20s I was all about wearing what I liked, but now I think about what would bring out my strong points to make me look good, so I think more about how I look in the eyes of others now. When I see women my own age around me, I get a sense of the nice appeal of femininity.


── So what do you think are the good points of a more mature woman?

Someone who’s flexible. I’m often with someone who’s adaptable like that, they have a lot of things they’re interested in, so when I see them trying out something new, they really look great. I know a lot of women like that, and I really admire them.

── Oh by the way, do you happen to have any health or beauty points that you’re focusing on?

I definitely try to take care of myself. I have a personal trainer who I work with regularly, and I’m really focusing on keeping in good shape with nice proportions. For beauty secrets, I exchange information with friends and my makeup artist, then try to find the best things for me, and make sure to regularly revise and update everything.


── So then, what about food? Do you have any particular rules about eating?

Yeah, I love food, but I want to look good too, so it’s hard to find the right balance (LOL). Sometimes you might be feeling lazy or whatever, but then sometimes you have to keep a serious mindset… you know, like when dealing with work, emotional situations, stuff like that. So I try to find a balance between enjoying myself and being disciplined, by watching what I eat, but not so much that it gets really stressful.

 Next month in Look.2 we get the scoop on Misako’s private life, and ask all about what she does on her days off, her secret dreams, and more!


Born on July 16th, 1986. From Tokyo.
In a six-member performance group.
Debuted in 2005 as a member of AAA.
Her solo debut single Doushite Koishite Konna hits charts on February 14th.
Also will release a photo compilation by Shogakukan called about time, on March 1st.