09 Aug 2018

Mio Imada look.2

Mio Imada Interview No. 2
“Cutest Girl in Fukuoka” Goes Nationwide

Mio Imada had been turning heads as the “Cutest Girl in Fukuoka.” Since moving to Tokyo, she has widened her appeal, appearing in movies, TV dramas and magazines. In LOOK.2, these snapshots of her cute expressions will grab your attention!

── Have you become used to Tokyo now?

Yes I think I have — probably (laughs). It has been two years since I moved to Tokyo. What initially took me aback is there are too many people on trains and there are drafts — oh, not drafts but building-induced wind!  Don’t you think there is strong wind in Ginza? Maybe it’s because there are highrise buildings everywhere. Also, the water is different in Tokyo.

── The water’s different?

Yes! Perhaps the property of the water is a little different, because when I first moved here, my skin became irritated when I took a shower. So I thought “the water is different!”

── What kind of places do you go to shop?

I often go to various shops in Shinjuku. The shops there are concentrated and easy to get to. Even after moving to Tokyo, I often meet up with friends from Fukuoka. I have friends who have come to Tokyo for university or those that work here, so I often meet them.

── What kind of life did you have in Fukuoka?

When I was in highschool, I went to school everyday. But I was working in Fukuoka as well, so I stayed there for about a year after graduation. As a student, I often went to the Tenjin shopping district. Tenjin and Hakata are lively shopping spots in Fukuoka, and they feel a lot like Shinjuku. I run into friends when I’m out shopping (laughs).

── How do you spend your private time?

Indoors. If I’m not shopping or eating out, I’m usually at home. Sometimes I’ll be lying about on the couch all day (laughs). I love the couch so much, there are times when I’ll be zoned out on the couch without turning on the TV and the lights (laughs). Maybe this is how I am when I’m off.

── Do you have plans to get married?

Yes I would like to get married someday! Of course, I don’t know when this will be, but I would be happy if I could get married while I’m in my 20’s (laughs).

Q&A for Mio Imada

Q.What are your favorite colors?

White, black, red, blue.

Q.What is your favorite season?

Spring. I was born in Spring, and I enjoy the air in Spring.

Q.What do you want to eat the most right now?

Smoked tongue.

Q.Do you drink?

I don’t know if I’m a drinker, but I enjoy drinking (laughs).

Q.Which country do you want to visit the most?

The Maldives!

Q.If you suddenly got the day off tomorrow, what would you do?

I would go see a movie!

Q.Are you more like your father or mother?

I am like my father. My face is like his, and I am stubborn (laughs).

Q.If you are reborn, would you want to be a man or woman?

Hmm.. a woman (laughs). I enjoy fashion a lot.

 Q.What is your favorite spot in Tokyo?

Maybe Asakusa? I went there a lot when I first moved here.

Q.What part of your face do you like the most?

Recently I have gotten to like my eyebrows. The inner ends of my eyebrows resemble my father’s, so I like them.


She’s from Fukuoka Prefecture, born on March 5th, 1997.

In 2016 she moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in acting.

She became known as “the cute girl from Fukuoka” with appearances in the 2017 dramas, Fugitive Boys, The Public Enemy, Kioku, and the feature film Demekin.

She delivered an impressive performance of Airi on the TBS drama airing in April, 2018, called Boys Over Flowers Season 2, amassing over one million followers on Instagram, becoming an overnight success in the process, and widely considered to be the next big thing in the entertainment world.