31 Aug 2018

【X-CALIBER】This high-performance sneaker gives you a fit with great stability and solid support!

The X- CALIBER, previously released by Onitsuka Tiger, is back on shelves, after so many requests from legions of fans. Check out the seasonal design, it goes great with the high-performance features and nice trendy look.

The X- CALIBER, with a design based on an 80s running shoe, makes for a very comfortable cross-trainer.
The midsole has airholes for nice ventilation in the front, the heel has Cush-holes for better cushioning on the outside, and the inside provides good stability, so overall it’s a very solid shoe. Plus, the insole has Ortholite, which gives it even more comfortable cushioning.

For colors, we have 〈MIDNIGHT BLUE×CARAVAN〉, and 〈OATMEAL×MOONROCK〉. They’re sporty, with a nice splash pattern on the sole, and an interesting zig-zag pattern for the lace eyelets, so you can really enjoy the finer design points of this quality shoe.

The X- CALIBER is great to wear around town, and of course it’s a very functional shoe for more active situations too.



Kanichiro look.2

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2