07 Jan 2021

【ONITSUKA TIGER MILAN】Italy’s First Flagship Store Opens in Milan!

Italy’s first flagship store opened in Milan on December 18, 2020! The exterior and interior of the spacious store was designed by ONITSUKA TIGER creative director Andrea Pompilio. Upon entering the store, an elegant, museum-like space spreads out before you.

The Milan store is commonly called the “Brand Theater.” It is comprised of three main spaces which are based on iconic ONITSUKA TIGER concepts.

The first space is inspired by a “laboratory” which is clean and tranquil. Colored with a basic tone of grey, the space is the largest area in the store and envisions a room where novel ideas are conceived through daily research and contemplation.

The second space is Andrea Pompilio’s interpretation of the Japanese aesthetic. The interior is suffused with a rich luster symbolizing Japan’s tiered black lacquer lunch boxes for a luxurious and uplifting ambiance.

The third space is commonly called The Gallery which is painted in bright yellow. The base color TAI-CHI YELLOW is symbolic of ONITSUKA TIGER and the space presents like an art gallery with an ample assortment of popular clothes and classic shoes. Also worthy of note is the beauty of the architecture which is a fusion of Italian and Japanese tastes.

The Milan Flagship Store was designed with the hope that guests will experience ONITSUKA TIGER’s worldview through three spaces with different concepts.
In the words of Andrea Pompilio, “This flagship store is completely different from former stores built simply for the purpose of selling merchandise. The entire store must be a forum for providing a new experience.” At the opening, Andrea was filled with anticipation saying, “I feel like a child whose heart is filled with excitement at opening a box of toys.” Replete with Andrea’s creativity, the Milan Flagship Store is bound to create a stir in the fashion world.


The Milan Flagship Store will also sell a capsule collection by New York artist Brian Kenny and limited edition T-shirts and shorts commemorating the opening.
Guests can also enjoy a diverse lineup of merchandise from the latest contemporary designs to NIPPON MADE models infused with Japanese craftsmanship.


【Shop information】
Floor area:Store 123SQM・Gallery 104SQM
ADDRESS:Corso Como 3, Milano(shop entrance at Piazza XXV Aprile 9)
STORE HOURS:11:00 – 19:00
*Mon.-Sat.:11:00 – 19:00 /Sun.:11:00 – 18:00
* Current program with COVID-19 restrictions




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