17 Mar 2017

【CHIYO】These ladies’ shoes conjure up images of old Japan

The CHIYO has quite the impressive design. We’re pleased to present this exquisite blend of sneaker and Japanese sensibility; it’s truly a unique shoe.


CHIYO/¥7,560(TAX in)

The most notable feature of the CHIYO is the layered fabric of its uppers. It surrounds the whole shoe and comes up the sides. This design concept was inspired by the Japanese culture of furoshiki (wrapping cloth), and was made to resemble a Japanese-style wrapping cloth.

You can choose from three colors: Lilac x Bay, Grayish-blue x Peach-beige, and Black x Peach. Each option has a different colored insole, designed to make an impact when you take off your shoes.。

They’re slip-ons, so they’re comfortable, and very stable thanks to the solid outer sole. The knot is like that of a furoshiki , giving you lots of outfit options to explore.

For this coming season, the CHIYO: different from a sandal, this is for people looking for a lightweight Spring shoe. Come on down to one of our stores and have a look.




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