01 May 2020

Limited-Edition Shoes Inspired from Cosmetics On Sale from May 1

Globally-renowned Japanese sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger and Japanese makeup brand Shu Uemura have collaborated to produce a sneaker that will go on sale May 1, 2020.

A glossy enamel suggestive of cosmetics and smooth calf with a matte finish were used for the materials, and vivid Tokyo red was used for the color. A new model “DELEGATION EX ™ ” inspired by the original model worn by Japanese athletes for the 1964 Summer Olympics was used as a base. A resilient sponge material, FLYTEFOAM ™ Propel, was used for the midsole which gives it a sense of volume and wearing comfort. The Onitsuka Tiger and Shu Uemura brand logos are imprinted at the ends of the spare shoelaces of the same color, and the shoes have an active, urban, and sporty look.

These sneakers will go on sale May 1 at the official online store.
official online store

*Please note that at some directly managed stores that are now temporarily closed, these shoes will go on sale as soon as preparations are made after stores reopen, but sales may be postponed depending on future circumstances.

As global brands, Onitsuka Tiger and Shu Uemura have continued to evolve based on a pioneering spirit that has endured since their respective establishment.

Onitsuka Tiger has developed a contemporary collection which combines fashion with sports and heritage with innovation, and Shu Uemura proposes “individual beauty” to facilitate self-expression for all people starting with millennials. In this collaboration, Onitsuka Tiger has produced sneakers, and Shu Uemura has produced 5 types of cosmetics in 11 items.

The 5 types of cosmetics (eye shadow palette, lip stick, cleansing oil, foundation brush, eyelash curler) are adorned with the Onitsuka Tiger stripes in vivid key colors such as Tokyo red, energy orange, and indigo blue to create a stylish, vibrant, and energetic mood. 

shu uemura
Shu Uemura, a professional makeup artist, established the eponymous brand in Tokyo in 1967. He is a reformer who redefined beauty as being a product of both makeup and skin care, based on the idea that “beautiful makeup starts from beautiful skin.” He takes a comprehensive approach in proposing beauty formats, methods, and styles to a great many women. His makeup can be found at the Omotesando Hills Main Store and at nationwide department stores.


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13 Nov 2023

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