10 Apr 2018

【Onitsuka Tiger × snidel】We have some top-shelf sporty sneakers and dresses, with a fun, mature appeal!

Onitsuka Tiger has a reboot of its collaboration project, working with snidel, a brand whose “street formal” concept offers fun, mature designs. We have two of the collaboration items here, a sneaker and dress, which will be on shelves at Onitsuka Tiger stores starting April 21st.


The collaboration shoe here is the MONK, which is popular with the ladies. This MONK design has a refined look, which makes quite the impression with its metallic silver construction.
The fastener on the front means there are no laces, so these are easy to put on and take off, which gives it a more elegant look. This collaboration MONK is designed to match a range of looks, so whether you’re going for something nice or something more casual, it works well.


Our DRESS has a refined design with casual accents. The thick material and laidback feel will bring out your feminine features.
Plus, it’s fitted with a draw-cord at the shoulders and hips, making it more functional and adjustable to create your perfect look.


This DRESS is also soft and cool for your skin, made with comfort in mind. It comes in a cute PINK, and a more sophisticated BLACK.


This is just the collaboration project to truly bring out the best of both sporty styles and gorgeous, feminine looks.
There are some great things in the pipeline, so don’t miss out on this great collaboration project!

Code: D8J1K
Price:¥13,500(TAX in)
Size:4-6H,7H-10,11,11H inch

Code: OK528G
Color:0090(BLACK), 0019(PINK)
Price:¥13,500(TAX in)
Size:One size fits all.


Kanichiro look.2

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2