16 Oct 2017

【INTERVIEW LOOK.1】hitomi — Introducing Look.1 Items!

We’re featuring this item, worn by hitomi!


Starting out as a singer and model, and more recently from the perspective a mother, hitomi spans quite the range of areas.With a figure like hers, you’d never guess she was the mother of three, and she rocks the Onitsuka Tiger gear in style. This is an interview you won’t want to miss.

In Look.1, the centerpiece is the down jacket, with a little splash of masculine appeal! It has a short length that gives it a sporty look, and lets you show off your pants too. The pattern is a trendy camouflage with fine detail.
Check out the white inner layer, it’ll go great with darker tones that you’ll see everyone wearing in winter. And then there’s the thin red and black line, which shows nice attention to detail.
The bottoms can be combined with a skirt for a fun mismatch look with feminine appeal.

WS SHORT DOWN JACKET ¥46,440(TAX in)/OKJ775.1087
LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT ¥6,480(TAX in)/OKT109.0001

WS SKIRT ¥14,040(TAX in)/OKP754.0050

GSM ¥12,960(TAX in)/D7H1L.2626

not for sale


For shoes, she’s wearing the GSM which hit stores this Autumn. The reddish brown gives them a retro flavor, for when you want a classic feel. Think laid-back yet sophisticated preppy.

Hitomi remarks on how they felt, saying, “This is definitely an indispensable item for mothers (haha). They were just so comfortable.”

The GSM design is based on a tennis shoe, so they’re sporty, and they have a light fit, great for mothers on the go.


Kanichiro look.2

13 Nov 2023

Kanichiro look.2