Browse through this bespoke collection to find items that brings out your street style look. This assortment of women’s trainers includes the classic Mexico 66 and retro apparel to match. Make your fit more versatile by adding some accessories and it will have you staying on trend all year round.




Make your mark with Onitsuka Tiger’s collection of comfortable vintage trainers, includes the California 78 stylish trainers and the GSM retro running shoes.






Cover your feet with a warm pair of Retro print long socks and pair it with our collection of contemporary backpacks and stylish waist pouches.




Details help differentiate between being stylish and being trendy. It’s easy to be on trend – it comes down to wearing the same colour, print or pattern that’s of the moment. But style – style is the flair, the finesse, and the finishing touches that tell a story of who you are. Therefore, attention to detail has been one of the core principles of our brand since the beginning. When Kihachiro Onitsuka decided to help motivate the post-war youth through sports, he could’ve followed a mold and made it easy on himself. Instead, he thought about what his clothes, and the people wearing his clothes, stood for. Innovation. Creativity. Breaking boundaries. 

Thus, a traditional basketball shoe was transformed thanks to the visionary mind of Mr. Onitsuka, and his lightbulb moment of connecting the idea of an octopus’ tentacles with the suction technology of a sneaker, and we have carried this attention to detail through the last seven decades. Today, across our selection of women’s clothing and shoes, the details we add showcase where we come from - the added detail in our Nippon Made range amplifies the care and quality of Japanese craftsmanship, right down to the dyeing and stitching. Shoes like the MEXICO 66 Deluxe trainer in a Cream/Breeze colour combine premium leather with iconic brand design, alongside stitching with the legendary Onitsuka Tiger stripes. 

When it comes to refining your style, similar attention to detail goes into your look, from head to toe. Just as we make each piece with additional flair and care, our range of accessories will help complete your stylish self-expression. A leather card case in Habanero, Tai-Chi Yellow, or Real-White brightens up your commute with a pop of colour and a Real White Cap or logo cap can soften an outfit with a cool, casual feel (or just see off a bad hair day in style). 
The right accessory can also bring more functionality to your outfits. Take an invisible sock; a smart, simple way to ensure the wrong sort of sock doesn’t distract from your sneaker silhouette. A subtle sock for comfort which doesn’t compromise on the look means you can bring your street-style to any occasion.  
From chunky knitted beanie hats to bold logo hats, bring variety to your style with our perfect finishing touches today.