Onitsuka Tiger intel® WORLD TOKYO OPEN

Onitsuka Tiger is proud to announce its participation in the Intel World Open, a global esports tournament organized by Intel, as a partner to produce official uniforms.
To commemorate the Intel World Open, a replica T-shirt of the official uniform limited to 120 pieces is also available at Onitsuka Tiger's official online stores.



The exclusive T shirt is also double logoed and printed with a bold electrical cable graphics against the black background. The T shirt comes in thick and sturdy 100% cotton, and is offered in just black to match all styles.

£ 65
S, M, L, XL
  • *Quantity and size differ depending on the locations.



Onitsuka Tiger provides a total of six items as the official uniforms for this event, with designs incorporating the comfort which enables the wearers to truly enjoy esports. From the brand's masterpiece tracksuits, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and other apparel pieces to shoes with the symbolic colors of the Street Fighter and Rocket League, which are the games for this championship, the official uniforms presented by the brand propose new styles in esports.


Onitsuka Tiger has paid attention to the potential of esports to create a society where everyone can be accepted regardless of age, gender, nationality, or disability, and aims to support the spread of esports and various opportunities and challenges.
In addition, Onitsuka Tiger has created TOMO'S GAME ROOM, a video game YouTube series to support the spread of esports with Tomohisa Yamashita, who endorses OnitsukaTiger’s idea of creating a borderless society through esports, and released the first episode on 13th July. This video series is an educational journey where Yamashita, a beginner in esports, attempts to compete at Street Fighter, a game he experienced when he was a child, and grows with the viewers, through various encounters and awareness. TOMO'S GAME ROOM consists of various episodes from the one where Yamashita actually plays the Street Fighter V Champion Edition used in the tournament to the episode where he meets the winner of the final, which will be available on Onitsuka Tiger's official Youtube channel sequentially.

■Intel World Open Official Website

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