• Available until January 31 Right side view of RINKAN, WHITE/WHITE

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Japanese multi-talent, Tomohisa Yamashita flashes his art through our final anniversary design project. The globally acclaimed artist remodels the RINKAN BOOT™. While the destination often takes precedent, Yamashita's reinterpretation of the Onitsuka Tiger model recounts a recent metaphorical and spiritual journey, coming across unique people, experience and scenery. To the eye, simple and sleek, however, the devil lies in the detail as each element is constructed with attention to fabric, texture, and craftsmanship. GO FORWARD! In short: GFWD, the attitude of always looking forward by Tomohisa Yamashita. The solid boots and shoelaces shine under the light through reflective materials. A special finishing touch is the shoebox contrasts a vivid red with the pure white boots, representing an exceptional experience and an image of Japan.