In 1949, Onitsuka Tiger was founded to inspire the youth through activity. Today, the brand continues to unite a generation without boundaries through self-expression and style with substance. Shop our collection of retro and redesigned classic men’s shoes and clothing that pushes the connection of fashion and function even further.

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As a brand, we have left our footprints through the evolution of athleisure, pioneering the relationship between sportswear and street style. Where we have led, many have followed, but our commitment to merging innovative technology, decades of craftsmanship, and contemporary culture has meant that an Onitsuka Tiger shoe stands out from the rest. 

We started out back in 1949 when Kihachiro Onitsuka wanted to motivate the post-war masses through sports. A sound mind in a sound body was his core principle, and it’s one we have kept throughout the brand’s rise. Take the OK BASKETBALL™ shoe – one of the first examples of our forward-thinking. Kihachiro designed a new basketball shoe based on an idea that came from an octopus’ tentacles. This led to the suction cup pattering on the outsole, and later additions included an internal strap to secure the foot. The form, stitching, and rubber patches on the upper were all included in a low top and high top range to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary, proving that when an idea is executed flawlessly, the style transcends time and trends.  

When we’re not dipping into the archives, we’re giving everyday wear like the NEW YORK lifestyle shoe an eye-catching pop of color, with options ranging from Tai-Chi Yellow and Imperial Blue to Burnt Red and Cream. 

Whether you’re after a classic running shoe with enough character to express your individualism (the MEXICO 66™ heritage shoe is the perfect fit for that) or something that turns conventional styles on their head, like the striking chunky sole and platform silhouette of the DELEGATION CHUNK shoe, walk with confidence in an Onitsuka Tiger shoe.