There’s always been a bond between sports, tech and fashion. Technology advances what we wear and how we wear it. Without tech, sports as we know it would also be entirely different. From simple beginnings, such as early plimsolls with vulcanised rubber soles, to the development of smart-tech, sportswear has always tapped into the technology on offer to improve upon tradition. Whether it’s sweat-wicking fibres or performance-monitoring devices, what we wear can impact how we perform, and who we are. Onitsuka Tiger applies these new developments to the continually evolving range of trainers and clothing.Onitsuka Tiger has established itself as an innovator in sportswear with substance. Fashion with function is at the forefront of the brand, and developing iconic looks from 70 years of heritage to integrate the latest technology is how Onitsuka Tiger intertwines the past, present and future. The tech in our shoes might have been made for track, field and court, but it’s worn in the streets.




Would Beckham have had the same left foot if the shoes were too tight? Could Lebron dominate the court if he couldn’t stretch in his gear? Would Serena serve the competition if her clothes didn’t wick away the sweat?
Sometimes an athlete is only as good as the kit they wear. There’s no denying that the impact of sportswear has been felt in and out of the competitive arenas. Updated sportswear is engineered with high-tech equipment and fit with fibres that push athletes to move faster, aim higher and get the edge over the competition.


What are performance fabrics and how does the material help? Sportswear tech, like reactive fabrics, have been developed to literally react to the body. For example, moisture-wicking fabrics react to sweat. Instead of absorbing sweat like other fabrics, it’ll be pushed to the surface of the material and evaporate. Other reactive fabrics include thermal clothing to regulate heat, and compression clothing oxygenates muscle tissue by managing blood flow.


A perfect example of sports influencing fashion is wearable tech. This started as watches or devices that could act as pedometers, heart rate trackers, blood sugar monitors and more. Now, the wearable tech has equally become a style symbol as it is used for sports.





Since its beginning, Onitsuka Tiger has been constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies to improve comfort and performance. You’ve probably seen these technologies when shopping for your new trainers, so if you’ve ever wanted to know what these are, here’s your guide:

FuzeGEL- Used in the Mexico 66 SD shoe, ASICS’ fuzeGEL technology combines foam and GEL to give a better bounce and improve comfort. This means better shock absorption for an active lifestyle.

Airhole-Air hole tech – used in the contemporized runner – gives new freedom to the foot, allowing greater flexibility and movement for optimal comfort and performance.

3M Thinsulate™ Insulation-No one wants cold feet. That’s why our winter boot styles come with a cutting-edge insulated lining that’ll keep your look on-point in all weather conditions.

Knitted construction-By innovating what materials can be used, the Knit Trainer and other light mesh products leave you lighter on your feet.
A perfect solution whether you’re looking to be quicker and more agile or need the perfect statement shoe to slip on and start your day.