The Japanese shoe pioneer, Kihachiro Onitsuka, created the brand's most iconic model, the MEXICO 66 ™, more than 50 years ago. The first model, designed exclusively for the Japanese sports team, started strictly as a sports shoe. Over the years, while it transformed into its modern shape -synonymous with a new era in footwear it has stayed true to itself as a product rich in Japanese history and intrinsically tied to the love of sport.


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This history of the MEXICO 66™ shoe dates back more than 50 years to one of Japan’s most notable chapters of sporting history. This iconic design evolved and became the fashion trainer we know today as MEXICO 66™. Like the TIGER CORSAIR™, the silhouette of the MEXICO 66™ shoes  is one of the most famous designs in our collection. The signature ASICS strip that runs from the heel was designed over half a century ago, and has become an iconic salute to our commitment to innovation through integrity. The MEXICO 66™ trainers is available in single-colour shoes and multiple-colourways , offering an extensive choice to suit your personal aesthetic. We’ve taken this heritage shoe and brought it into the present, sacrificing nothing in quality, while enhancing flexibility, comfort and durability . This modern styling includes the MEXICO 66™ SD  shoe  - as with the original MEXICO 66™, you’ll see the classic heel flap and a thin, flexible sole that delivers unobstructed movement. In addition to this, the shape of the shoe itself is slimmer, giving it a more contemporary appearance. The MEXICO 66™ design is truly timeless, allowing for an evolution that takes the heritage of this fashion sneaker and expands it beyond its origins. Through this evolution, we have opened up a choice of variations, such as non-lace up versions like the MEXICO 66™ PARATY, MEXICO 66™ SABOT  , as well as a wide range of MEXICO 66™ Slip-Ons, adding further ease of wear with attractive designs. Experience the bold prints and colours of the MEXICO 66™ DELUXE  range, with their premium ‘Nippon Made’  construction. We also offer a selection of ONITSUKA TIGER kid’s shoes that include smaller versions of the MEXICO 66™ design for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Through experience and exploration, we have continued to push the design of this classic shoe. The right MEXICO 66™ fashion trainer is waiting for you.