Attention to detail has been at the heart of our brand since it first began, and we also know it’s the small details that can complete an outfit. For a perfecting finishing touch to add to our range of men’s clothing or shoes, explore our collection of expertly crafted accessories.

As a brand, everything we make has thought behind it; thought to how it will look, thought to how it will feel, and thought to how fashion and function can complement, instead of competing against, one another. This care for the craft has been at the forefront of our brand for the last seven decades, starting with Kihachiro Onitsuka’s fundamental understanding of how pushing the norm can be transformative. His updated OK BASKETBALL™ shoe – mimicking the concave shape of an octopus’ tentacles in rubber to produce a shoe capable of gripping a basketball court – set in motion the future of the brand that would always focus on forward-thinking. Now a prominent figure in street style and athletic fashion, with some of the most iconic and instantly recognizable offerings of men’s shoes on the market, our dedication to the craft has never been abandoned. It has led to us producing shoes that tell a story, like the TIGER CORSAIR™ EX, running shoe or the MEXICO 66™ heritage shoe  in a range of colours including white and pure gold, white and pure bronze  and white and pure silver . Each of our shoe collections introduces touches of Japanese heritage to today’s rule-breaking, statement-making culture. These subtle additions and defining finishing touches go beyond our shoes. Our collection of men’s clothing showcase our legacy of understanding and innovating different styles, as do our range of men’s accessories It comes down to an understanding of how style works – it’s not enough to just hop on a trend. We think about how your style will have to work with you as you go through the day. short socks  in Tai-Chi Yellow, Directoire Blue, or Real White are made from an antibacterial yarn that promotes greater comfort. This detail keeps you functional, it keeps you on the move, but there is no sacrifice on the style front. A good accessory – like a good athleisure sneaker – knows how to serve a purpose while serving a look. The right bag can keep you prepared for the day ahead, but why should that bag not get the same level of detail as other parts of your outfit? We offer a range of bags that refuse to choose between being stylish and being serviceable. Our Bowling Bag  – in Fiery Red, Performance Black or Real White – is designed with a spacious compartment and shoulder strap for comfort but boasts a bold palette and sleek finishes with graphic prints. Whether you’re after a body bag  for your next festival or a beanie  to throw on for those last-minute plans, shop the full range today.