Born in Japan, the Onitsuka Tiger brand created the NIPPON MADE series to showcase the marvels of Japanese craftsmanship to the world. You can feel this in the quality materials and in every facet of the craftswork that goes into these shoes, right down to the dyeing and stitching. No two pairs of these shoes, products of Japan's superb craftsmanship, are alike. Timeless beauty crafted by artisans’ hands — Onitsuka Tiger is sharing true Japanese quality with the world.







Produced on the Tottori Prefecture coast in Japan, this premium line shoe then ships to Osaka where the tireless, hand customisation process begins. It’s here that craftsmen’s hands spin the timeless beauty, soon to be appreciated the whole world over. Born in 1949, the history of Onitsuka Tiger is the history of athletic shoes - and the story of Japan’s sporting culture. Open the very latest chapter, with the Nippon Made.





Blending two essential facets of the Onitsuka Tiger brand, the FABRE NM is the best of style and substance in one irresistible package. By bringing NIPPON MADE quality together with one of Onitsuka Tiger's most iconic silhouettes, convertible style status is a given. Expertly fashioned on the Tottori Prefecture coast of Japan then shipped to Osaka for hand-finished customization, each NIPPON MADE shoe stands for timeless beauty with no two pairs ever being truly identical. Originally developed in 1975, the FABRE was so dubbed because of the nimble 'fast break' strategy in basketball. This design stays true to its roots with low-top styling and original branding, but the black leather uppers are delivered with a directional texture for new-season appeal. Red and white accents add a hit of colour, while tonal stripes put the finishing touches to the quarter.