Tiger Corsair

Tiger Corsair

This autumn-winter one of the most recognised sneakers -- one that was the ultimate jogging shoe of the 1970s -- makes a modern comeback.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. The year was 1969, and the renowned Oregon track coach and jogging expert Bill Bowerman had invested in a new sneaker distribution company called Blue Ribbon Sports. Onitsuka Tiger trainers were the top sellers and Bowerman made a proposal to combine two models for extra cushioning and comfort – a proposal that would lead to the popular jogging shoe we know today.

At the forefront of the worldwide jogging boom of the 1970s, the style turned sports shoes, which were previously only for competitive use, into a lifestyle-based fashion trend. The revolutionary shoes were first called the CORTEZ then, in 1976, the name was changed to TIGER CORSAIR.

Fast-forward to 2013. The TIGER CORSAIR VINTAGE is the first hero model in the brand reset, and there couldn’t be a model more suited for the launch. Updated with a modern silhouette, the TIGER CORSAIR VINTAGE maintains its classic design elements with its slim fit and long toe.

In honour of the original 1969 trendsetting, the TIGER CORSAIR is also released in a limited edition with iconic golden thread calling out the year of the shoe’s birth and classic red stripes.