【 The Art of Mixing】The Crossover Collection of Japan-Brazil’s Art and Fashion

【 The Art of Mixing】The Crossover Collection of Japan-Brazil’s Art and Fashion

The Onitsuka Tiger brand presents its global campaign . The project highlights the cultural exchange between Brazil and Japan in the universe of visual arts. Brazilian brand ambassadors, the artists ATSUO NAKGAWA, Titi Freak, Felipe Suzuki and Luísa Matsushita were invited to participate on a first-of-its-kind creative collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger shoes.

Artist ATSUO NAKAGAWA first time to participate the Brazil exhibition in 2006, he applied his main painting theme "monster" on this crossover design of MEXICO DELEGATION. Using Japanese’s popular color bright red, blue and white with simple lines to sketch out the life-like monster to expose the EGL style.

【Titi Freak】
Street artist Titi Freak is strong in spray paints graffiti and his creations placed all over the streets around the world. For this collaboration, he chose the black leather LAWNSHIP with bright colors graffiti to show up the impression of street fashion.

【Felipe Suzuki】
Felipe Suzuki has been interested in art creation, good use of few elements for design to fill up your mind and thoughts by peace and incredible ideas. His design in gray-black tone with an orange semicircular pattern at the ankle position on COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE, simple but reveal strong artistic appeal.

【Luisa Matsushita】
Luisa Matsushita – a visual artist and the lead singer of CSS in Brazil, who worked as a designer for important fashion brands from Sao Paulo. Luisa was inspired by tinfoil in this design of CALIFORNIA 78, themed as abstract illustration, coupled with plain color and splattered paints sole, these little embellishments demonstrate designer’s style.