Born from Ambition

This is the story of Mr Kihachiro Onitsuka. A story that started from a humble idea that sport had the power to transform lives. Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - sound mind, sound body. The Latin maxim that was the ethos behind Onitsuka Tiger, and later became the acronym ASICS.

In the beginning, we set out to help the youth of Japan and rebuild a better future after the War ended in 1949. We believed playing sport was the best way to unite people and connect communities. Sixty years on, this same philosophy remains. Our focus on carefully crafted details and an ongoing urge to innovate is what has allowed us to take Onitsuka Tiger to the world.

Here's some of those moments...


An idea inspired by an octopus

关于章鱼的故事。这种优雅灵活的八脚生物注定不甘于只是某人的晚餐。章鱼的触手牢牢吸住沙拉碗的景象化作鬼塚喜八郎先生脑中的一线灵光,Onitsuka Tiger鬼塚虎突破性的运动鞋创新设计由此诞生:吸盘式大底,搭载于1950年发行的鞋款OK BASKETBALL。其超强的抓地力使篮球手们也因而拿下冠军宝座。

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Story of a bath

在氤氲微光中的鬼塚喜八郎先生洗热水澡时看着自己脚趾的褶皱,恍然大悟高温会导致跑者脚底磨出水泡。进而,他开始研究长跑跑鞋中的空气循环系统。1959年发售的MAGIC RUNNER跑鞋首都采用创新孔眼设计,更轻、更快、更透气,让双脚自由呼吸。

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The need for speed

1964年东京奥运会上,日式创新的RUNSPARK首度登场。这款标志性鞋款是Onitsuka Tiger鬼塚虎推出的首款固定型钉底跑鞋,配有四种长度的鞋钉,满足多种跑道条件下的运动需求。随后,本系列衍生出众多设计款式,如鞋跟处衬入柔软的海绵,帮助吸收足部触地时的冲击力。

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The birth of an icon

Onitsuka Tiger鬼塚虎其传奇的标志性线条从诞生演变至今,一直都装饰于每一双Onitsuka Tiger和ASICS鞋款身上。最早出现在LIBER UP KAWA BK,是为了1968年墨西哥奥林匹克运动会所设计的鞋款。

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An athletic forerunner

在国际运动赛事上的优异表现,使Onitsuka Tiger成为日本国内最顶尖的运动鞋制造公司之一,也在全世界备受瞩目。美国中距离跑步运动员Phil Knight(Bill Bowerman的得意门生),在MBA做运动鞋营销研究时与鬼塚先生会面,并被启发创立了Blue Ribbon Sports(即Nike前身),將Onitsuka Tiger鞋款引进美国市场,随后创造了经典的TIGER CORTEZ鞋款。

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The modern jogger takes shape

The CALIFORNIA was made for jogging. It helped maintain the arch of the foot and give firm support to the toes, while the form-fitting insole allowed enough room for the toes to move. The wide, rounded heel aided in balance while landing, and the wide, curved-up toe assisted in forward movement.

As a safety feature, the CALIFORNIA also had reflective patches stitched on the back of the shoes, so that drivers could see the runner from 300 meters away at night or on rainy days.

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As Onitsuka Tiger grew to become ASICS, and go on to establish itself as one of the world's leading sports brands - we always knew the spirit of our heritage would live on. A history that prided itself on a Japanese craftsmanship combined with a timeless aesthetic that was discovered on the track, and later worn on the street.

This rich heritage inspired us to relaunch Onitsuka Tiger back into the world in 2002. Classics were refreshed, reinterpreted, reinvented. Taking the original Onitsuka Tiger sports shoes as a starting point, we made changes to cuts, colours and construction to bring you made-for-living remodels of the MEXICO 66, CALIFORNIA 78 and NIPPON MADE.